Buy-Side Mandate

    BTGDA specialises in the brokerage of SME enterprise as well as advising and managing the whole process to the highest standard. We ensure maximum confidentiality and value for shareholders.

    With over 15 years of experience in the sector, we have advised and brokered  numerous transactions with considerable success  and value creation for shareholders in a multiple array of sectors and industry. That has given us a great insight to analyse and understand most companies profiles and potential buyers.

    Our service is offered to all types of transactions such as full disposal, majority or minority percentage sale, capital rising, asset sale or cash generating unit (CGU) sale. Our methodology ensures a comprehensive action plan with all the necessary steps to ensure a successful closing of any proposed deal such as Preliminary Analysis, M&A, Valuations, Pitch Book Creation, Blind profiling, Potential Buyers Research, Negotiation and Pre and Post deal advisory.

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